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The Appaloosa were formed in 1998 in Livorno. After various experiences and changes in formation, in 2000 the core was created which lead the group to be active still today.

In 2002 the band won a competition to participate in the Arezzo Wave Festival where they also performed in 2003,2004,2008. The most important exhibition was on the main stage opening for Cypress Hill in front of about 20,000 people.

The Arezzo Wave founders decided to produce the first album of the band named “Appaloosa” (2003), the next albums “Non posso stare senza di te” (2006) and “Savana” (2009) were produced by the label Urtovox while “The worst of Saturday night” (2011) and “Trance44″ (2013) by the Florence based label Black Candy Records.

Since 2006, the band has been on tour all around Italy, participating at important Festivals sharing stages with bands like : Cypress Hill, Karate, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Joe Lalli, Nomeansno, Verdena, Calibro 35, Zen Circus, Teatro degli Orrori, Afterhours, linea 77, Aucan, One Dimensional Man, Civil Civic.

The video “Are you Mons ? No i’m Jurgen” (2006) was broadcasted on MTV, MTV Brand New, Rock Tv, and songs like “Minimum” and “Luli” were inserted into the French compilation “Decouvrir Ablsolument”.

In 2010 the group began playing beyond national boundaries, first with two mini tours in Germany and France, and then larger tours in 2012 to promote “The Worst of Saturday Night” playing in France, Uk, Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Spain. This Tour totaled more than 100 concerts in 12 months.

In 2011 the group organized themselves to be able to record records independently, from this decision the the studio “Orfanotrofio” was born, producing many records of varius Tuscan rock bands using the technic of not paying much attention to direct drive and recording on an analog media. This is where “Trance44″ was born.

The title of the album was born from a song composed with little or nothing. After awhile it was then decided to intitle the Album like this since it reflects the idea of a sound linked to hypnosis and psychedelia, with songs based on rhythms and melodies of drums and constant bass lines tight and dynamic, surrounded by synthesizers and samples with “Ethnical” influences. Just like Appaloosa’s previous albums, “Trance 44″ conceives as if it was one single song that changes only in intensity and atmosphere, what the band seeks in their live concerts.

The expected release is on January 15, 2014 for Black Candy records/Warnes Bros Chappel with european distributions Rough trade and national Audioglobe and will be anticipated by a tour of about 25 dates across Europe.



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to be Release by Black Candy Records (IT), Rough Trade (UK), Warner Chappell (IT) February 2014





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